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Customers tend to be more influenced by their peer group and other customers. It pays to have more people talk about you and be your ambassadors. UrbanWand social media plugin promotes you in the customer's network giving you more eyeballs and improves your brand value and name recall, resulting in more walk-ins and more customers

Access new networks and increase business

UrbanWand social media plugin gets you access to new customer networks, which are otherwise impossible to reach through direct marketing channels.

Customers tend to trust their friends and network more than an advertisement. UrbanWand social media plugins integrate seamlessly with the Super Steward, Online Ordering and CRM solutions to unleash the power of a customer's network to your business. Integrate exclusive social media offers and get your business promoted and retweeted in multiple networks.
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Multiple Modes

Post Selfies, Messages, Page Shares. Choose your preffered mode

Multiple Channels

Choose your social media channel, integrate with leading ones


Takes less than 10 seconds to share, designed for speed


Completely compliant with social media channel policies

Secure, Privacy Ensured

Automatic logouts on post, completely secure and safe


Detailed reporting dashboard to monitor and measure