A customer using loyalty rewards, is likely to spend 40% more than usual

An effective customer loyalty program ensures customer engagement with the restaurant and results in more walk-ins and increased order sizes. UrbanWand Loyalty solution coupled with the Feedback and CRM solution is ideal for restaurant of all formats.

A Loyalty Program that works

Reward customers for loyalty and customer's will reward back with more business, good word of mouth and referrals.

Establishing a strong loyalty and rewards program is essential to ensure that customers continue to visit the restaurant and consume more services. A dine in the restaurant could also become a preferred choice for deliveries and takeaways as well. UrbanWand loyalty solution is a completely digital and always available Loyalty program. The points summary and ledger is accessible anywhere, anytime to both the customers and restaurants bringing in more transparency and trust to the loyalty program. The redemption options can be customized from cash rewards to item based rewards bringing in more perceived value to the loyalty points at lesser cost.

loyalty point ledger


Customized Point Accrual

Different point accrual policies for different events

SMS Integrated

Keeps customer updated on loyalty points balance at all times

Web Accessible

Customers can check points history anytime through their web link.

Secure & Easy Redemption

Redemption via secure code sent to mobile.

Multiple Redemption Options

Redeem for cash, food or drinks. Set minimum points required for redemption

Transfer Points

Easy transfer of points from other loyalty solutions.

Points Expiry

Configurable points expiry rules. Customers alerted before expiry to bring business

Easy Integration

Can integrate with almost all POS with open interfaces