Want to know what your customers are thinking about your restaurant?

Hearing what customers say about your services is the best way to improve, retain customers and build a great brand. It's often very late to do damage control when the customer has gone unhappy. UrbanWand introduces a fully automated digital feedback management solution. Collect live feedbacks, take immediate actions, monitor your performance continuously.

Simple yet Effective Feedback Management

Restaurants often collect feedback using traditional mechanisms, but mostly fail to convert customer feedback to actionable items to improve and address customer concerns.

UrbanWand not only makes feedback collection interactive, easy and fun, but also ensures that you get actions from the feedback. Features like instant alerts, live analytics dashboards with full drill down and multiple perspective views enable you to make a positive impact on your business. Simplicity and objectivity forms the core of UrbanWand Feedback Management solution.
Collect, Learn and Improve.

Feedback Management


Fully Automated

No Paper Forms, No Lost Forms, No Tampering, Every Feedback Recorded

Instant Alerts

Instant alerts for negative feedbacks. Chance to make it up for the unhappy customer

Customer Interaction

Capture customer data for CRM! Enroll in Loyalty Program!

Customizable Templates

Fully customizable feedback templates

Quick & Fun

Interactive feedback tablet makes its quick and fun for customers


Get complete analytics on the feedback collected, measure continuously

Itemized Feedback

Super steward integration enables food item level feedback

Collect feedback by SMS/Email

Customers in a rush can also provide feedback later via mobile web link