Maximize your restaurant business with the powerful tablet based digital menu solution

Customers like to visit restaurants which offer something unique on every visit. Food entrepreneurs take up this challenge and continuously innovate with their menu, ambience and food presentation. Business Maximizer eMenu solution from UrbanWand makes it easy to market and promote these innovations in addition to a host of first in the segment features aimed at increasing revenue, reducing operational inefficiences, managing customer relation and promoting the restaurant brand.

Intelligent Order Maxmizer

Do you have a challenge up selling and cross selling to your customers at your Diner?

The Intelligent Order Maximizer , increases order sizes in a seamless manner, by combining restaurant's pricing, schemes with our state of the art analytics engine.
The Intelligent Order Maximizer takes into account multiple relevant factors, monitors the ordering pattern of the customers , and real time, guides them to order up, in a manner where customer experiences delight !

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Customer Relationship Management

Would you like to have a stronger bond with your customers and increase loyalty?

During the ordering process, our Customer Relationship Management system on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, collects and manages customer key information. Subsequently, it reaches out to them during their special days like birthdays, anniversaries and festival times. It not only wishes them, but also invites them to celebrate with your restaurant.
Yes, all customer data collected and managed are yours.

Social Media Network Promoter

Would you want to promote your restaurant in your customer’s social network?

Our Social Media Promoter on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, gets customers to share the moments had at your restaurant on their social network pages, in the form of a selfie or check-in. With automatic tagging, your restaurant gets promoted to tens of thousands of referral potential customers every month.

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Loyalty Management

Would you want to have loyalty points managed for your customer?

Our loyalty management solution on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, accrues and calculates the points against customers mobile number and redeems it as per the guidelines set by your restaurant, in an easy and simple manner.
No more loyalty cards or token numbers. Simple and effective!


Dynamic Menu

Change your menu, pricing anytime, launch new items any day

Improved Menu Presentation

Entice customers with details, chef tips and pictures

Hot Seller Promotion

Promote your hot sellers, track your sales item wise

Order Maximizer

Maximize order size with up-selling and cross-selling, leverage analytics


Allow customers to choose their variations, provide custom instructions per item

Call Steward

No more waiving hands, no shouting for steward, Flight like experience for customers

Multiple Modes

Can function in Customer Mode, Steward Only Mode, way you like it


Hot Sellers, Non Sellers, Sales trends, Order Sizes, etc

Instant Billing

No more waiting and shouting for bills, Always available at customer's finger tips

Online Payment

Online payments, Multiple payment methods, Smooth checkout process