As an Ice-cream Shop owner/franchisee/chain head, you always have the opportunity to up sell & cross sell more to your customers, however, in reality, it rarely happens, partly because the staff does not have skills for the same, and such staff would be an expensive affair.

Our Ice Cream Shop Business Maximizer eMenu, leverage subtle features backed by cutting edge technology, to smartly upsell & cross sell to the customer, real time, in a delightful manner, by analyzing the ordering patterns of the customer!

Hot Sellers Promoter

Do you want to market your Signature Ice-creams to your customers?

Our Hot Sellers bring focus onto the most Signature items in your menu, through visual features that substantially attracts the customer in making choices which shall leave the customer with delight, and increased revenue for you.

Toppings/Variations Facilitator

Do you find it difficult and time consuming explaining all options available to them?

The customer often lands up taking time to decide, and change their decisions to choose flavors and sizes, which bottlenecks the queue.
The toppings/variations facilitator allows customers to seamlessly choose the various topping flavors, and also the variety of forms (cup, cone, stick) and sizes(small, medium, large, extra large), without having to bottle neck the queue.

Other Features

Dynamic Menu Manager

Change your menu, in stock, out of stock, pricing anytime, launch new items any day

Intelligent Order Maximizer

Maximize order size by automatic cross-selling and up-selling

Loyalty Management

Manage loyalty points accrual and redemption for your customers