Foodcourt Customer(s) approximately spend approximately 30-40 minutes inside. 70% of that time customers are restless, either shuffling from counter to counter, standing in queue to place order, being restless to check whether the order is ready or not, and finally going to pick the food. Only 30% of the time, they spend in socializing & eating, which is the only purpose they came to the foodcourt.

Our state of the art mobile app allows customers to spend 85% of time socializing and eating, and only 15% rest, converting a regular foodcourt into an almost fine dining foodcourt, and the features allow foodcourt operator and tenant to earn more revenue.

Single Click Multiple Order Placement

Do you run a large crowded food court and losing customers because of the effort taken to order and collect food?

One of the biggest challenges faced by customers is that they have to visit multiple counters to place multiple order requests placed by family members/friends, and follow-up multiple outlets.
With the Single click Multiple Order Placement, you could place multiple orders pertaining to different outlets, in a single tap!

Food Court Multiple Order Single Click

Queue Handler

Do you want to manage crowd more effectively in your Foodcourt, during peak hours?

In a decently crowded foodcourt , customer spends 70% of their time counter shuttling to see options, standing in queue and restless revisits to counters to check whether order is ready or not With our Queue handler on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, your foodcourt is almost converted into a fine dining foodcourt, where customer places order sitting in their seat, and only goes when they get notification of the tablets about their order being ready.
Make your foodcourt into a Smart & Savvy foodcourt!

Payments Facilitator

Would you want to enable multiple payment modes in your food court?

Our Payments Facilitator on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, allows customers to pay through a wide range of online payments directly integrated into your (foodcourt operator’s) current account (or) the respective outlets’ current account, as per current mode of fund flow practiced in the foodcourt.
Keeping in norms with the Foodcourt, the Payment facilitator ensures that all the payments are obtained before processing the order.

Other Features

Dynamic Menu Manager

Change your menu, in stock, out of stock, pricing anytime, launch new items any day

Intelligent Order Maximizer

Maximize order size by cross-selling and up-selling

Hot Seller Promoter

Promote your hot sellers, track your sales item wise


Allow customers to choose their variations, provide custom instructions per item

Multiple Payment Methods

Pay online via cards, wallets, netbanking, etc