Having a sizeable customer in premise for more than 2 hours, still most Cineplex have a strike rate of around 30% at their Food counters. One of the major reasons is that, the interval time is just 9-10 mins, and given the limited counter staff, very few customers could be attended during that period.

Our State of the art mobile app allows customers to place orders anytime during the entire length of the movie, and having the option of being delivered to the seat or picking it up. So whenever a movie part is dragging, or a boring is playing, customer can just simply order from his/her seat using the app.

Hot Seller Promoter

Do you want to market your Combos to your customers?

Our Hot Sellers bring customer focus onto your premium items and combos in your menu, through visual features that substantially appeals the customer in making favorable choices, which shall leave the customer with delight, and increased revenue to you.

Intelligent Order Maximizer

How would it be if the customer is influenced to order , just while interval is around the corner?

Our Cineplex Intelligent Order Maximizer , Geo tracks customer audi/screen location and intelligently influences the customer 10-15 minutes before the interval begins, to place an order.
These messages are muted vibrations and compliant to the norms of movie watching, while being effected.

Dynamic Menu Manager

Do you go through difficulties, trying to explain the customer, why an item on the menu is out of stock and leaving the customer disappointed?

With Cineplex Business Maximizer eMenu, you can manage your instock and outstock with a touch of the button. When an item is tapped out of stock , within few minutes, it goes away from all the eMenus, leaving the customer to see only items, which are currently available.

Other Features

Re-order Facilitator

One click ordering from your past orders


Allow customers to choose their variations, provide custom instructions per item

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer data, leverage for marketing and promoting yourself

Upcoming Movies Promoter

Promote upcoming movies on the app

Feedback Management

Collect feedback, Get Alerts, Analyze, Take Actions

Multiple Payment Methods

Pay online via cards, wallets, netbanking, etc