As a Self Service Café outlets, you would have decent to occupancy rates, however, most of time occupancy is not accompanied by relevant re-fills/re-orders, partly because there is no one to prompt the customer, and it’s a pain to get up from seat to order a re-fill

Our Café Self Service Business Maximizer eMenu, address these situations, prompting and enabling re-fills , leveraging a dynamic technology platform.

ReFill Influencer

Would you like to influence customer’s cups/mugs refills pro-actively and subtly?

Our Refill Influencer, suavely engages the customer for re-filling their cups, in a smart way, understanding the ordering patterns of the customer.
The suave engagement, results in customer ordering more frequently, rather than having to wait till the time, the customer gets up and visits the counter.

Queue Handler

Do you want to manage crowd more effectively, during peak hours?

Café Counter staff spends more time waiting for the customer in front to decide/freeze order, than to punch it. With our Queue handler on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, counter staff reduces 30- 40% of their order taking time.
Our Queue handler also manages customer expectations by allowing them to place orders on the self-service tablets, without having to stand in long queues, and without having to increase your workforce.

Payments Facilitator

Would you want to enable quick and easy payments cheque for your customers?

Our Payments Facilitator on the Maximizer Tablet Menu, allows customers to pay through a wide range of payments, including the regular form of cash, physical credit /debit card, and also having the options of wallets and the entire range of payment modalities. Keeping in norms with the Self Service Café, the Payment facilitator ensures that all the payments are obtained before processing the order.

Other Features

Dynamic Menu

Change your menu, in stock, out of stock, pricing anytime, launch new items any day

Hot Seller Promoter

Promote your hot sellers, track your sales item wise

Intelligent Order Maximizer

Maximize order size by cross-selling and up-selling


Allow customers to choose their variations, provide custom instructions per item

Loyalty Management

Manage loyalty points accrual and redemption for your customers