Happy Customer's are a key to the restaurant's success

Employing a good Customer Relationship Management module enables restaurant to create a strong bond with the customer and convert them to brand ambassadors of the restaurant. UrbanWand CRM for restaurants ensures this and much more and does it with unbelievable simplicity.

Building the Customer Relation

You may be a single restaurant desirous of having more visitors or a food entrepreneur wanting to add many more restaurants. Having a loyal customer base is the key to your growth.

It is a must for any business to not only have a loyal customer base, but also be able to reach out to them. Restaurants may want to invite customers for food festivals, special events, new cuisine launch, new menu launches, new restaurant openings, etc. UrbanWand CRM module enables you to seamlessly collect and leverage customer data to run targeted and personalized campaigns.

smart feature of recording customer visit detail for best customer relationship management,every customer is important
best party place

Personalized Customer Experience

Most people like to eat out to celebrate their special days and plan higher budgetary spends. They like to go to places which make them feel special and celebrate their day.

UrbanWand CRM events calendar manages this out of the box. Restaurant owner's can schedule fully automated campaigns for sending personalized invites and offers to customers for their special days. The customer history and profile view presents information about customers likes/dislikes to the steward which could be leveraged to make the customer feel even more special.

Marketing to your Customers

People have a certain level of trust associated with a Restaurant based on their past experience. A small push and a small delight can make them keep coming back.

UrbanWand CRM campaign manager enables you to run targeted campaigns and offers based on your customer preferences and automated profiling. This increases the effectiveness of the offers and campaigns since they get delivered to the customers who have a higher chance of consuming them.

automatically invite customers for special occasion


Customer Data

Collect customer information seamlessly.

Profile Customer

Customer profiling based on customer's preferences and spending patterns.

Targeted Campaigns

Run targeted campaigns based on the customer profile. Get better ROI

Personalized Campaigns

Run personalized campaigns to target specific customer for specific events

Multiple Delivery Modes

SMS, Email, Whatsapp or Call

Automated Delivery

Pre-schedule the delivery timings for campaign messages

Improved Guest Experience

Personalized guest experience increases customer loyalty

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Measure ROI of your campaigns and spent through automated reports