All customers hate the delays in billing and payment processing!

UrbanWand online billing and payment solution provides a safe and secure way of faster billing and payment processing. It integrates seamlessly with UrbanWand Smart Steward and Online Delivery solutions and supports all major payment gateways with more being added every day.

Add Online Payments runway to your business

Enabling customers to pay via multiple methods has become increasingly popular and attracts more customers to your restaurant.

The payment options available to customers have increased significantly with the advent of digital wallets, net banking and virtual currencies. UrbanWand supports all leading payment gateways. Start taking online payments to have faster billing and payments, reduce customer wait times and generate more revenue per table.

online billing and payment
Special Promotion Discounts

New marketing channels with Online Payments

Many payment providers run special promotional discounts and marketing offers to promote all merchants accepting their currencies.

Integrating with payment providers gives your business access to a large marketing channel and helps you generate more business, making the payment process faster and convenient at the same time. UrbanWand out of the box integration with leading payment gateways makes it easier for your business to start leveraging the marketing channels of the gateway providers


Instant Bill Generation

Integrate with Super Steward to provide instant bill access to customers

Instant Payments

Integration with super steward ensure no wait time in bill generation and payments

Instant Confirmation

Instant alerts for payment success/failure

24/7 Accessible Reports

Reconcile any time using always available reports

Multiple Payment Methods

Digital Wallets, Cash Cards, NetBanking, Credit/Debit Cards, Gift Cards

Multiple Payment Gateway

Supports all leading providers (Paytm, Citrus, etc)


Completely secured using SSL/TLS


Choose your providers and payment options